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Not every trainer out there in Long Beach has the ability to serve as your PT trainer. At Better Bodies Fitness Center, we not only have the expertise to help you through your physical therapy session, but more likely than not, one of our staff has likely had the same injury and program before during their professional sports career. This is one of the big advantages that come with choosing our shop for your physical training and other workout needs. Our trainers have likely been there and done that on your end before, and this helps us better tailor a workout and recovery routine to best get you back in the game as quickly, and safely, as possible. Our team also fully understands the difference in pushing vice hurting yourself when doing PT, and we will always keep you from complicating your recovery with additional injuries that come from the trainer not understanding these key aspects of PT. More and more athletes are starting to realize this, and that is why we are so popular with athletes from all around (not just in Long Beach).

Depending on the nature of your injury and procedure used to fix it (if any), your physical therapy sessions and plan will vary to best fit your individual situation and timeline to get back on the field. Not every athlete has Adrian Peterson’s uncanny ability to come back from injury in “Superman-like” fashion in less time than prescribed, but we have learned to work with each individual on the timeline that their body, work ethic, and plan support. We love to see you come back stronger than ever from what seems like a never-ending world of PT and not being on the field. Our coaches will also mentor you on the right mental approaches to take with injury so that when you are complete with the program, you are stronger than ever. The same goes for pre-op PT prescribed by surgeons in the event you have to get a medical procedure to fix your specific problems. If you have any questions on what we can do for you, please to call or stop by today during business hours.

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