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Whether you are a professional athlete or simply looking to get personal training near me in the Long Beach area, you can’t go wrong with Better Bodies Fitness Center. Our highly-experienced team of personal trainers are awesome at what they do, and we also deliver some of the best PT trainer services around the Long Beach metro area. With each of our trainers being a professional athlete, we know that to win it takes not just hard work, but a well-thought plan for success that includes nutrition and working on the mental aspects of staying in shape and for your specific sport. We have helped numerous athletes during our time being open for business achieve their next goals and milestones as well as those who work in the corporate environment use our services to improve their overall productivity at work. No matter what your goals might be, we can help you achieve them.

Before one of our trainers sets up a plan tailored to your current fitness levels and goals, we always conduct a pre-program evaluation. This gives a firm grasp of where you currently sit, so that we can architect the best possible solution for you to move forward. Some of the areas that we test are your power (strength) in both on and off field tests, agility, linear and lateral movements, and overall endurance. We also see where you sit with regards to reaction time and quickness, and your core muscle development. For people of all skill levels, we also look hard at regeneration which includes stretching and low intensity activities that will help enhance your overall recovery from a game, hard work out session, or both. For those who need it, we also provide professional skills development, mentoring, and tutoring to better ensure success. No matter what your needs might be, just stop by our gym today. We will be more than happy to talk shop with you, and look forward to working with you.

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