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Not every personal trainer Long Beach is equal. When it comes to taking care of one’s personal training needs, you do not want to trust just any gym or personal trainer with helping you achieve your goals no matter how small or big they may be. If you want to enjoy the services of a team filled by successful, professional athletes, then you have found the right place with Better Bodies Fitness Center. Our gym was first founded by former UCLA and NFL football player, Chuckie Miller in 2000, and he has been a certified personal trainer for the past 17 years. Throughout this time, the team has grown to include other like-minded and successful athletes that are here to help people from all backgrounds make and achieve their personal fitness and wellness goals. We use a mix of cross-functional workouts tailored to what best fits the individual and what they want to achieve to realize results that will last for the long term. Once you make the decision to start working with our team, you will quickly realize why so many people are starting to make us their training facility of choice in the Long Beach area of Southern California.

Before we jump into having a new client begin to work out, we fully believe in conducting a comprehensive pre-program evaluation with all of our clients. This helps us not only assess where you currently sit when it comes to your current fitness levels, but to tailor a plan for success that will deliver results in a timely fashion you can see measurable results. During this assessment, we will first work with you on the overall strategy and performance plan development if you are an active athlete that needs to have your plan tailored for peak performance at certain times. We will also take a look at power and agility training, endurance, core development, linear and lateral training, nutrition, and regeneration exercises and activities designed to enhance recovery. We also provide professional skills development and mentoring for those who can benefit from this unique aspect to our business. No matter what, we are here for you, and you will not be disappointed in making us your top choice for your training needs.

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