If you have lived in or around Long Beach for any length of time, then you likely want to find a gym that helps provide you with the right supporting network and instruction as compared to some of the chain gyms that are common around the area. An added bonus for most people is a facility that not only offers the services of a certified personal trainer, but one with a proven track record of success who also has female personal trainers available for those who just don’t feel comfortable being trained by someone of the opposite gender. If you fall into these categories, then stopping by Better Bodies Fitness Center to see what our expert team can do for you should be at the top of your list of things “To Do.” Our gym was founded by former NFL player, Chuckie Miller, in 2000, and we are one of your best options in the local area to help realize your overall fitness goals.

Each and every one of our personal trainers has realized both individual success as a professional athlete, as well as with their clients since moving on from their sport. We take a scientific approach to setting up a comprehensive wellness and fitness plan for all of our customers to achieve the best results possible for your specific goals and needs. You never need to worry about your privacy or not feeling like you fit in at our facility either. We work with a lot of high profile clients as well as those who just want to take advantage of our private training sessions that simply don’t want to be distracted by uncomfortable attention. We love to provide an environment for success, and you will be extremely pleased with the overall quality of service that our team delivers time and again for each and every person who comes to work out with us. Just call or stop by today to see what we can do for you, and you will not be disappointed. We offer very flexible hours for those who work some crazy hours around our city, and you will quickly see that just about anything is possible when you make the choice to partner with our team.

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