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When one looks for the right gym trainer around our city, it can be a challenge to find a shop that has the right attitude, experience, and environment for you to succeed. If you have not had any luck finding the right personal trainer Long Beach, then you should consider stopping in to see us at Better Bodies Fitness Center today. We have more than 17 years of experience in the business, and our owner, Chuckie Miller, first opened the gym after playing NFL football for the Indianapolis Colts. Our company was founded under the premise that we want to help both the everyday person and athlete get the most out of their workouts and achieve their personal goals. We offer a wide-range of training styles available to all of our clients based on your specific needs to include weight resistance, calisthenics, crossfit, band training, and more. We always evolve with the times, and if there is a new exercise routine or technique that could possibly benefit you, rest assured, we adopt it if it makes sense to do so. We also do not believe in using any faddish diets or workout routines, as we believe in taking a scientific approach to long-term fitness and health to benefit our customers.

Our private training sessions are some of our most popular. You can basically think of them as our team running your own wellness division with your body being the corporation. We work around your busy schedule to make sure you have access to our facility and trainer when you need it. We aim to create the perfect environment for you to eliminate the everyday distractions that we all have, and simply focus on your overall health and fitness. No matter what your goals might be, we are here to help you achieve them, and you will be thoroughly impressed at how much fun it can actually be to partner with us. If you have any questions regarding any service we offer, or would just like to check out the gym, please come by today. We love to show prospective new customers around the facility, and you will not be disappointed.

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