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When you need the best fitness instructor around the Long Beach area, one of your first stops should be to Better Bodies Fitness Center. Our gym has been open since 2000, and we offer the highest quality of personal training, coaching, mentoring, and nutritional advice around. When you need to find a personal trainer, we are your best choice. We tailor our programs to the individual, and we go out of our way to make everything as convenient as possible for you when it comes to access to our facility and to your trainer. Throughout our time of advising and training athletes of all skill levels, we have seen that consistency is key when it comes to maximizing your performance and seeing results. Each of our trainers has realized personal success before entering the training field, and we feel like this experience helps best train you to meet your goals.

One of the big advantages that our clients enjoy when working with our shop is our customized meal planning and nutrition guidance. Many people just find it stressful to try and take guidance and apply it directly at the grocery store. Instead, we like to give you specific meal plans along with what to purchase to make the meals. We have found that this helps minimize your overall stress, and helps you succeed at a much higher percentage than simply focusing on your workout without an associated nutrition plan. We believe in tailoring your plan to match your goals and current fitness levels, and we will determine what method of training best suits you before getting started on your journey. These can include but are not limited to weight lifting, resistance training, plyometrics, and more. We take each and every client very seriously, and we want to see you succeed. All you need to do is call or stop by today, and we look forward to working with you.

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