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When you want to find personal trainer in the local area around Long Beach, most people need a shop that offers flexible hours without any loss of quality in the staff available to help one train. If you have not found a trainer who can take care of your needs at the times you are available each day, then you should definitely make Better Bodies Fitness Center one of your first stops. We have been open since 2000, and over these 17+ years, we have expanded the hours that we offer our private and semi-private sessions for our customers to include mornings, afternoons, and evenings. The last thing that we want to do is not be flexible enough to support the free time our clients do have to continue with their fitness plan. You will be extremely impressed with our overall flexibility, attention to detail, and how much fun you find working out at out facility is. We also keep an open mind when it comes to picking the right methods to use for your training plan. Some clients get more out of doing a combination of cross-fit with other exercise modules, while others do well with a more traditional approach. No matter what, we will make a collaborative decision with you regarding your comprehensive wellness plan, and you will not be disappointed in your choice of our gym.

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