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When you want to find a certified personal trainer in the Long Beach area who has a track record of success when it comes to helping customers realize their goals, you have found the right place with Better Bodies Fitness Center. We have been open for business since 2000, and our clients range from teens looking to get a jump-start on their athletic goals to well-known individuals in the corporate and entertainment sectors. We also love to help just normal individuals in our great city who are looking for a personal trainer near me that can help them make and achieve fitness goals for living a better and longer life. No matter where you sit, you will be glad that you have made the decision to come in and talk to one of our personal trainers to see what exactly we can do for you.

We also understand that not all of our customers have an infinite budget when it comes to seeking out certified training sessions. To help make sure that we eliminate as many barriers as possible when it comes to taking care of you, we offer semi-private training sessions that do not cost as much as private sessions. These afford you the opportunity to work out around similarly-minded people who also provide a benefit of a secondary supporting cast. We make sure to cap these sessions at no more than 10 people at a time so that you can still benefit from individual attention but in the context of a small group.

No matter what the right answer is for you, we will find it. Simply call or drop by today when you have a minute and let’s talk. If you make the decision to move forward with your training with our team, we will make sure that we start off with a comprehensive whole body assessment with you. We are big believers in working comprehensive wellness when it comes to setting up a training plan for each and every client that we have, and you will quickly find that this approach helps you realize your goals in a more orderly, sustainable, and measurable fashion.

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